Flowers were a gift! Make them last longer

Lasting Bouquets

Chances are you have heard that the best way to make your floral bouquets last longer is to cut them at a sharp angle. The problem is that doesn’t work. If you have tried it you know the flowers still don’t last longer than 2 days. After that they start to look very dull and worn down. If you have encountered this type of problem you are in the right place at the right time. With this brief article I am going to share with you 7 simple things you can do to make your floral bouquets last longer.

Use The Right Kind Of Water

Yes you read that right. The type of water you use plays a huge role in how long your flowers will last. You should only use purified or filtered water. Never use tap water in the vase. This simple move can help your flower last a bit longer.

Use Sugar & Bleach In The Water

Fill the vase with a gallon of water and add in a tablespoon of sugar and bleach. One of the things that can cause your flowers to quickly wilt is bacteria. Bleach helps to ensure bacteria doesn’t grow in the water. The sugar helps provide the flowers with nutrients which will ultimately help them last longer.

Don’t Overcrowd The Vase

Overcrowding the vase may cut off the circulation to the flowers. If for some reason you do need to overcrowd the vase be sure not to immerse the leaves in the water. Doing so could pollute the water. When the water becomes polluted it will cut short the life of the flowers.

Use Warm Water During Summer Months

During the summer months you should use warm water to fill the vase. During the winter months on the other hand you should use room temperature water. Doing so will help keep the environment the flowers are growing in stable. The result of course is fresh flowers that last longer. Sudden changes in water temperature can harm the flowers and cause them to die quicker. After you have placed warm or room temperature water in the vase you can later change it to cold. Cold temperatures help flowers stay brighter and fresher for longer periods of time.

Keep Bulb Flowers Separately

You should never mix bulb flowers such as tulips, dahlias and daffodils. These flowers are toxic and when mixed together will cut short the life of your floral bouquet. Be sure to keep these flowers separately.

Remove All Withered Flowers Immediately

Anytime the flowers become withered you should immediately remove them. You should also remove any leaves that make their way into the vase. Never let them just sit in the vase. Withered flowers release a gas known as ethylene. When this gas gets released it will cause your healthy flowers to wilt very quickly.

Cut The Stems Short

The stems need to be cut as short as you can get them. This allows the water to get to the flower a lot quicker. The quicker the water gets to the flowers the fresher they will be. Be sure to remove all leaves from the stems before placing the flowers in water. You should also make sure you change the water everyday.