5 Flowers Every Woman Would Love To Get On Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is the day of flowers. There is no other day where so much money is spent on flowers. It’s actually crazy when you think about it. This is the only day dedicated to actually showing that special someone in your life how much you care. The problem is there are literally thousands of different flowers you can choose to give on Valentine’s Day. And with so many options it is virtually impossible to decide which one is best.

While I can’t tell you which one will work best for the lovely lady in your life, what I can do is tell you about 5 flowers that are sure to make her smile this Valentine’s Day. Choose the one that fits your budget and her style.

Also, bear in mind that Valentine’s Day is observed in most of the world and is the biggest day of the year for

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Flower #1 Lilies

Lilies represent beauty. That’s why they are so desired in every part of the world. Their natural aesthetic properties make them very desirable. They come in a variety of different shapes and colours which make them perfect for just about any romantic occasion. Especially on Valentine’s Day.

Flower #2 Daises

The daisy really stands out in the crowd when it comes to Valentine’s Day flowers. Unlike other flowers, the daisy is very innocent and gentle. It is also very clean and represents purity and the highest level of devotion. There is no motive associated with this type of flower. It simply shows that special someone you care.

Flower #3 Tulips

If you are newly in love, tulips make the perfect gift as they provide you with an effective way to convey your love. They can also be used as a constant reminder of what that special someone’s love means.

Flower #4 Orchids

Orchids are very elegant. They may just be the most elegant flower of them all. Their long stems and tropical colours give them a very warm look. They are very pure and require gentle care. They are without a doubt the most prized flowers available.

Flower #5 Roses

I, of course, had to save the best for last. You can’t have Valentine’s Day without roses. When it comes to romantic flowers, roses take the cake. They are in a class of their own. They come in a variety of different colours and have a variety of different meanings.

For example, a pink rose means love, gratitude, and appreciation. A white rose represents a new start, spirituality, and marriage. If you want to send a joyful message, send a yellow rose as they represent joy, good health, and friendship. And let’s not forget the red rose which has long been associated with love and romance. No matter what message you are trying to send, there is a rose that can help you relay that message.

And there you have it. 5 great options for Valentine’s Day flowers. The flower you give will depend on the type of relationship you are in as well as the length of that relationship. Be sure to pick the right one as you want to send the right message.

For example, if your relationship is new but you see a future with this person, opt for an orange rose. The orange rose represents passion and enthusiasm which is the perfect message for a new relationship.

Always do your research to ensure you pick the perfect flower to send the right message. The key is to be sweet yet considerate at the same time. Sending a rose to someone you have only been dating for two weeks may seem a bit overbearing. Instead, you may want to send orchids or lilies as they represent true beauty and elegance.